Once upon a time

in a galaxy far, far away...

on a planet known as Earth, in a city called Los Angeles,

a young woman, known as Bonnie Weinstein Crowe, or Bonnie Weinstein, or Bluesy,

or sometimes just plain Weinstein, started writing feature film screenplays.

As Weinstein spent most of her squandered youth at the movies

receiving her B.A. in screenwriting from the University of California, Berkeley,

where she tye-died her underwear and watched obscure foreign films, she was no stranger to passing

inordinate amounts of time in a dark room with nothing to eat all day but popcorn. Thus, Bonnie graduated

aptly prepared for entering the job market with an eye for three act structures, a penchant for romantic

melodrama and a taste for real butter. She honed her craft after college, working as a

writer's assistant to Dan Curtis (Mr. Dark Shadows himself), where she wrote

sci-fi, fantasy and gothic horror scripts, working with

the original Zuni fetish doll from "Trilogy of Terror" sitting on

her desk for inspiration; and as writer's assistant to Barbra Streisand, where she worked with

Barbra sitting on her desk, for the heck of it.

But, alas, Bonnie grew weary of living in a place where helicopter hoverings and drive-by shootings,

were the only means for people to get to know one another

and beleaguered with breathing air the color of the average denizen's bottled tan.

So Weinstein moved herself and her company and her little dog too,

to New York City, the big apple,

and started to work in the burgeoning online media world as "Director of Pseudochat/Communities" at PSEUDO,

the company The New York Times called "The Andy Warhol set for our generation."

Between being "Chatmaster" of Pseudo Chat and playing the bongos during the infamous Pseudo parties, Bonnie learned

lots of great graphic art tricks using Photoshop, along with how to

work in the middle of a giant womb (aka Jeff's art installation) surrounded by

models body-painted in gold leaf.

But Bonnie grew tired of the Pseudo scene.

She saw a need for quality online content on Movies for Movie-goers by Moviemakers.

This, coupled with Weinstein's disdain for shelling out $8.50 a pop to satisfy her cinema cravings

gave her the impetus to create, design and edit her very own, popular Moviezine for the web, MOVIEWEEK.

The site, who's slogan was "Zine for Movie Goers by Movie-makers took off faster than a leopard,

enabling Bonnie to see movies for free every day and review them to an ever growing public of

fans on the world wide web. As Bluesy-the-critic's popularity grew, so did her subject matter;

until she was not only reviewing movies, but blues music, jazz concerts and theatre events as well.

Before long, Movieweek had to take a back seat to Bluesy's very own webzine -- Bluesy was "a zine that leaves lipstick marks on coffee cups," letting Bonnie write about

issues of interest to women, and men and everything in between and where

she became the online answer to Dear Abby, in "Ask Janet Blue.""

Bonnie also managed to find the time to write a funny novel about online romance in , "Bluesy in Cyberland."

After Janet Blue retired, and Bluesy swapped her lipstick for a nice clear gloss,

Bonnie Weinsten Crowe came to be, and was offered the promise of millions of dollars worth of stock options by the AOL

and succumbed to the call of "You've got money," where she headed up programming for the AOL Family Channel.

Weinstein quickly grew tired of living in a place without a decent bagel,

so she moved to Westport, Connecticut, where she could bask on the beaches of compo, paint in vivid hues,

and read all of Harvey's magazines that kept getting sent to her by accident .

It was at this time that Bonnie also began writing and illustrating children's books,.

She joined SCBWI and let her innner and outter child come out in her vibrant children's books, like "Ask Princess Sarah Smartypants.

When Bonnie couldn't find cool funny t-shirts that matched her offbeat sensibilities,

she designed them herself, and thus at this time a successful online business

was formed, that is now 6 stores,including Bluesyworld and Go Hollywood Tees

Just a Job and Everythings Jewish;

As well as Autistic Genius, a store that sells pro-autism t-shirts and gifts, as well as

having links to some of the most up-to- date info about Autism resources and a Blog of Autism in the Media.

Autism Advocacy is something very near and dear to Bonnie and the growing need for quality Autism Education for children especially.

After she had enough weird t-shirts to wear under her standard black Donna Karen sportjacket,,,

Bonnie went back to her first love of movies and tv and sci-fi and once again

began writing screenplays, her latest being "Evermore" to which she is also writing the graphic novel

at this very minute (well, she might be playing the Free Rice vocab game and feeding small and large villages

simply on the basis of her vocabulary prowess (getting a perfect score on the English part of the SATs finally

counts for something in this world!).

She thought about teaching the world to sing, but

alas, singing really isn't one of her many talents. however, she does thank you for taking

this much of your valuable time to read about her and hopes that you feel

better for it, or just better altogether...

and if not better, than mighty fine.