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Who says you can't get nothin' for free?

Here are some absolutely free Blues MP3 Downloads and streaming radio shows.

Enjoy! -- Bluesy

Etta James -- Bluesy's favorite blues diva is the great Etta James. Here's the full songs from her latest two albums (including the awesome "Blues to the Bone" that you can listen to on your computer).

Best Free Blues Mp3 Downloads - Leadbelly, Ma Rainey, Robert Johnson, Blind Blake, Sam Collins and more, all free and in public domain. Ripe for the taking.

Robert Johnson's Phonograph Blues Voted best free mp3 in public domain, here's the direct link.

Free Streaming Blues Albums - From Clapton to Shemekia Copeland and everything in between, this is a fabulous place to listen to some of the newer blues artists or hear songs you haven't heard before for free, right on your computer. Check it out.

Free Mp3 Blues Downloads - Also from Download.com, here's some freebies of new or lesser known artists, some of which are pretty good.

The Blue Jazzman Online Radio Show... here is a simply awesome streaming blues broadcast to keep your day in check.

Alligator Records has a small but good sample of free blues to download on your MP3 player.

Amazon has a selection of free blues downloads and you can upload your band's cd for others to listen to and get exposure too!

Soundclick has free blues mp3 downloads, with the main idea is that they host band websites, both signed and unsigned, and you can upload your music from your page if you go through them. Seems like a good idea. In any case, you can download the music for free here.

Lyricstime has many of your favorite and obscure blues song lyrics for free.

Harry's Blues Lyrics has over 3,000 blues song lyrics and free mp3 downloads.

Lucky Mojo has more about Hoodoo and Mojos than you may ever need, but it's got some cool blues lyrics and info too.


(Stay tuned, more coming very soon so check back!)