for 7/19 through 7/26

Monday - Mid-morning fogginess with a clearing in your attitude sometime around sunset.

Tuesday - It's raining men, but don't forget to take cover before you get in over your head. Odds are, you could find the love of your life (or at least the life of your libido) today, but what will you do with him tomorrow when your mother's coming for supper?

Wednesday -- Smiles and laughter through most of the day, with a slight snag mid-afternoon that will blow over if you let it.

Thursday -- A day of adventure lightens your spirits and ignites the fire you've been keeping guard of. If you're not careful, you could burn yourself up with all that enthusiasm, so use caution.

Friday -- It's party night, so make sure you're ready for it. There's a good chance you'll meet someone new that might be important in your life, just don't load him or her down with your life story at first. These things take time.

Saturday -- Rest, rest, rest... It's Saturday and you should be taking it easy. Recharge your batteries. Do something fun. Remember, even though there's bill's to pay and rent is due soon, you don't have to be serious ALL the time.

Sunday -- Be kind to others, look both ways before you cross and don't stand in front of the chip dish at a party, or you'll be spending all night eating it and picking chunks of salsa from your clothes instead of socializing as you should be.