"Generosity and perfection are your everlasting goals." Hmm, well I always try to be generous. I give my old t-shirts to the homeless guy on the corner, though I'm not sure he can really fit into them.

True, I could do more. I've always wanted to have a scholarship fund for wayward housewives who want to run off to Russia to form a punk rock band. That could be considered a generous goal. Maybe because it's ever-lasting, that means I won't get to do it, it'll stay a goal. Or maybe it doesn't mean that at all, it's all a bit opaque.

As for perfection as a goal, that sounds a bit narcassistic. I mean, who is really perfect, except for maybe Meryl Streep.

Still, this fortune is a bit lackluster. It doesn't really tell me anything tangible, like I'll inherit a vast sum of money, get my kids into Harvard or Berkeley, or master the Japanese language overnight.

I can't wait to see what tomorrow's prediction will be like. Besides, the sesame noodle was fab.
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