More Red Flags to watch for on the First Date to Let you Know this is NOT the Guy for you:

1. Instead of flowers, he shows up at your door with a case of Michelobe and an ice pick.

2. He starts rearranging the furniture in your apartment.

2. He spontanteously starts singing "The Night Chicago Died" when there's a lull in the conversation. (*note, the same warning should be applied if he also belts out "Kung Fu Fighting" or anything by Donna Summer.)

3. He brags about the time a woman poured beer over his head in a public place.

4. He shows up for your date wearing leather pants.

5. He vomits out the car window on the way home.

6. He says the last book he read was in high school, but he really liked it.

7. He starts picking the lint out of his belly button in the middle of dinner.

8. He tells you he's just broke up with his girlfriend/fiancee/wife and wouldn't be dating so soon, but YOU'RE special.

9. He asks if he can touch your hair.

10. He writes his name on the inside of your jacket while you're in the ladies room.