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Here are some of the old, mixed with some of the new -- nothing here has been borrowed, but there's plenty of bluesy

Recently: Bonnie has been writing for the fabulous, funny, smart SHMOOP!

In addition to the CRASH Photoshop! Class, Bonnie has written Career Guides that give you the Scoop on how to become a:

Professional Gamer, Doctors without Borders Doc, Cosmetic Surgeon (Beverly Hills), Cosmetic Surgeon (Philanthropic),

Phlebotomist, Opthalmologist, Orthodontist, Clown, Figure Skater, Car Salesman, Gemologist,

College Admissions Officer, Pro Gamer, Bike Messenger,

Rugby Player, Advice Columnist,

Customer Service Rep,

NASCAR Driver, Film Critic, Mystery Shopper, School Principal,

Basketball Player, Rabbi, Screenwriter, Rock Star, Bell Boy,

Roller Coaster Designer, Production Designer, Water Polo Player, Cheerleader,

Public Defender, Matchmaker, Studio Musician, and more


What To Do After He's Dumped You Advice for every woman who's wanted to play "These Boots Were Meant for Walkin'" but wondered whether it was okay todig into the Ben and Jerry's NY super chocolate fudge chunk instead (or that cool one with the chocolate fish in it) Making Up Is Hard to Do

  A visit to the make up counter at your favorite department store can be scary, and educational... but mostly scary.

My Fortune for a Cookie The cookie says it all... especially when you live in NYC and the local chinese restaurant's on speed dial... all that MSG, makes you wonder.

the real rulesThe Real Rules (or How to Get your Lover to Leave you)...*Written WAY before "How to Lose a Guy" was written, just so you know. This is the original, the real deal... accept no substitutions (although I have to admit that was a pretty good movie.
How to Meet a Dame For those who need to know, only.


  Backwoods Blues Review

Blues music reviews from the backwoods of New Hampshire... America's breeding ground for the blues (at least in New England, that is).

red flag dating alertRed Flag Dating Alert: How to know when it's time to Run, Baby, Run! (yes, these are actual things that happened to bluesy when she was a dating chic in NYC)
 Mail Order Brides From Russia Are Invading My Box, and Nicole Kidman isn't even involved.  

Don't go out without your umbrella.